Stichting Dance or Die (ANBI)

Legal Status and Organisation

Dance or Die Foundation (established in 2021) is registered as a nonprofit organisation (Stichting) at the Chamber of Commerce of The Netherlands (Kamer van Koophandel, KVK). 
Dance or Die Foundation has the status of Cultural ANBI (Culturele Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).  

Legal form
Foundation (Stichting) under the Dutch law 

Registered name 
Stichting Dance or Die

Trading name 
Dance or Die Foundation

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number



NL85 INGB 0009 5724 87

Buikslotermeerplein 1832, 1025XL, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone number +31 (0) 614041244

Supervisory Board
Jacqueline De Jongh-Moolenaar (Chair)
Samantha van den Doel (Treasurer)
Hitomi Shibuya (Secretary)

Artistic Director 
Ahmad Joudeh


Dance or Die Foundation contributes to cultural and social causes by

  1. supporting children, their families and their environment in the Netherlands and abroad, who have been victims of war violence, discrimination, abuse or other trauma in their lives,
  2. giving workshops, lectures and dance lessons for the target group so that they learn to deal better mentally and physically with processing of their trauma,
  3. giving workshops and dance lessons to other dancers and choreographers in order to share and pass on national and international cultural elements in order to also gain a better understanding of their own and other cultures.
  4. giving dance performances and lectures in this regard and creatively contributing to social and cultural goals.

Responsibilities and  Remunerations

The Supervisory Board and the Artistic Director define a Policy Plan in collaboration.  

The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the execution of the Policy Plan and the general business of the Foundation. 

The Supervisory Board offers counsel to the Artistic Director.

The Artistic Director is responsible for execution of the Policy Plan.


Remunerations of the Artistic Director are determined by the Supervisory Board.

Members of the Supervisory Board receive no compensation. Expenses made during the performance of their duties may be reimbursed.

Financial Statements 2022

Extract of 
Policy Plan

Visions for artistic activities

The Foundation and Artistic Director Ahmad Joudeh have the following vision for the activities in 2021-2022.

Mission 1.

As International Friend for SOS Children’s Villages, Ahmad Joudeh will attempt to organise a charity show for raising awareness and funds for children under alternative care in collaboration with the Dutch organisation of SOS Children’s Villages (provided that the current pandemic 2021 makes this possible).

Mission 2.

As mentioned above Ahmed Joudeh is an International Friend for SOS Children’s Villages and will attempt to organise workshops for children under the care of SOS Children’s Villages in various parts of the world in collaboration with the corresponding local organisations, provided that the current pandemic situation becomes under control. He will also support traumatized children and their relatives in the Netherlands, from various origins with various trauma to strengthen their coping mechanism.


Mission 3.

3.1. For dancers: “Dance to feel alive”

•       Discover how to be moved by feelings and emotions, and find support in life by dancing

•       Learn how to trust your own body and how to trust others

•       Dance and live in peace and harmony.

Ahmad Joudeh has successful experiences in holding this type of workshops. He plans to bring his message to a wider audience.


3.2.   For choreographers: “Bring Arabic elements in your dance with respect”

Ahmad Joudeh wishes to develop a new method to incorporate Arabic elements to the Western dance disciplines. Ahmad Joudeh has a formal training in classic ballet, contemporary dance and gymnastics. As he is originally from Syria, he has studied various types of Arabic dance styles. Ahmad Joudeh wishes to create a method to bring Arabic elements to the established Western dance styles with proper respects to Arabic culture. It is envisaged that this method should be used by other choreographers in creating their own work. For this end, Ahmad Joudeh plans to develop a new workshop curriculum for choreographers.

Mission 4.

4.1. Supporting The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR),

Ahmad Joudeh will be engaged in activities on request by UNHCR.


4.2. For Palmyra - cultural heritage under threat - raising awareness

Ahmad Joudeh has his roots in Palmyra, a UNESCO’s World Heritage.

The Roman Theatre of Palmyra was the first stage where Ahmad Joudeh had his first dance performance. In 2016, he danced on this stage for the souls of those who lost their lives in the civil war in Syria, which was the last art performance on this stage before the stage suffered a sever damage by the extremists. Ahmad Joudeh wishes to contribute to the restoration of Palmyra through his work.


4.3. On Commission

Due to the pandemic, there are only few commissions in 2021. It is expected, however, there will be again commissions, once the pandemic is under the control.


4.4. Own shows

Ahmad Joudeh wishes to take the advantage of this “break”. He should like to use this period for preparation for his own shows that can be offered to theatres both nationally and internationally.


4.5. Collaborations with other artists

Possibilities for collaboration with various artists will be explored. For the    

Euro-vision Song Contest 2021 Ahmad did already work with different artists.


4.6. Creation of new dances

Ahmad Joudeh plans to enrich the repertoires

-       by choreographing his dances himself
        Creation plan: 
         Adagio, Euphoria, Dream,
       Arabian Dance (Nut Cracker)

-       by hiring choreographers
        who can explore the potentials of 
        Ahmad Joudeh as a dancer

        Possibilities to be investigated



Goals for the foundation

The foundation was registered at the Chamber of Commerce on 25 May 2021. It is planned that the foundation should start its fundraising activities in September 2021.

The goals of the foundation in 2021 – 2022 are: 

1.     To establish its administrative system

2.     To establish the method for collecting donations via crowdfunding

3.     To pursue fund raising activities

4.     To realise creation of new dance repertoires

5.     To make concrete plans for creating the shows organised by Artistic Director Ahmad Joudeh

6.     To organise and run workshops for children and youth with challenges



The following sources of income are envisaged for 2021-2022.

·       Transfer of other funds that have collected donations for Ahmad Joudeh such as The Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam

·       Donations via crowdfunding

·       Donations from companies

·       Subsidies

·       Fees for dance performances (fund raising activities)